GOODLUCK Sauce Gift Box


  • Nanyang Ganxiang Sauce 1 bottle
  • Ancient Chili Sauce 1 bottle

Use a variety of natural spices (curry spices / green onion / tempeh / old ginger / red onion / garlic / shallot / red pepper / green garlic / rose mountain salt, etc.) to be milled and fragrant, then cooked for several hours. It is a great sauce. Delicious, salty and spicy, good for warming stomach, dampness and coldness. It can be a healthy food gift, and it is a must in the kitchen.

  • 270g per can, in addition to stir fry, steam, direct bibimbap, and noodles are super appetizing!
  • Made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or pigments!
  • The sauce is also suitable for vegetarians who can eat onions and garlic! 
  • Make a delicious and healthy meal in just 1 minute! Double sauce in hand, easy to make good dishes.


Price : MYR 38

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