3D2N Oyoung Fasting Detox Camp

2017-12-15 - 2017-12-17

Palace of Golden Horses, Selangor

原价 RM1,980, 11月20日前报名RM1,780 二人同行 RM3,360 网上或APP报名会员再享有5%折扣。

Event Introduction

“Over the years, our body has accumulated excess nutrients or waste. The purpose of fasting is to allow the stomach and colon to take a rest, let the excess nutrients in our body be completely burnt, at the same time thoroughly clear off the accumulated faeces in our colon. It would also discard away the excess fats and resolve constipation problem. This kind of wholesome body cleansing is a quick and effective method to overall healthy body maintenance. A lot of unknown pain, itchiness, and swelling would be healed without any medication!”

by Ou Yang Yin, Master of Diet Therapy

Event Details


  1. 掌握食疗全餐概念及符合营养食疗;
  2. 快速提升自癒力五要诀;
  3. 学习食养二分法及四週降三高;
  4. 30天冻龄回春食疗方案传授;
  5. 三天量身依个人健康及体质而设计的轻断食冷压蔬果汁及热汤;
  6. 个人饮食「红黄绿」原则禁忌表、復食食谱提供;
  7. 明目养生操,让您火眼金晴;
  8. 要活就要动,生活瑜珈化,瑜珈生活化;
  9. 食疗的工厂,如何架设无毒厨房。
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