Vitality Meal

Firming & Hi-Calcium Vitality Meal


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Firming Vitality Meal

Able to improve hormone secretion, diuresis, reduce swollen, firming and improve skin complexion.

Hi-Calcium Vitality Meal

Able to maintain functionallity of teeth, bone, blood vessel and muscle. It helps to prevents osteoporosis and improves pre-menstruation symptoms.

"Vitality Meal" is a concept of complete meal that support our body’s needs.


  1. To consume at least once a day as supplementary meal.
  2. Best to consume as light diet, before and after fasting.
  3. Suitable for adult and children.
  4. Suggest to add 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt to promote probiotics absorption and bowel movement.


For those with tumours, high blood sugar, autoimmune disease and kidney disorder, please contact customer service for further information.

How to use before and after fasting:

  Before Fasting
(Use for 3 meals a day)
After Fasting
(Use for 3 meals a day)
3 days fasting 1 day 1 day
5 days fasting 2 day 2 day
7 days fasting 2 day 4 day


Hi-Calcium Vitality Meal

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Blood-Replenishing & Rejuvanate Vitality Meal

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Blood-Replenishing Vitality Meal

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Rejuvenate Vitality Meal

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