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DrJuice belongs to the green industry developed by a group of specialists and intellectuals that shares common aspiration, philosophy and mission. It founded for the intention of advocating the natural way of living by promoting diet therapy for different body constitutions, thus assisting people with their health and in attaining the happiness that follows. DrJuice was established in January 2016.It is everyone’s right to have a healthy body. . However, not everyone is able to master the key to a healthy lifestyle. None of us wish to see ourselves, friends and family members suffering from illness. As the quote goes, “The best doctor is ourself.” In fact, we always tend to seek advice from other doctors whenever we fall ill. This irony occurs because we have yet to attain the proper knowledge of healthcare and apply this knowledge in our daily life in order to be the best doctor for ourself.
As the saying goes, “we are what we eat”. By consuming food that is not good for the body will make us ill. On the contrary, we believe that eating the right food can help the body to recover. As such, DrJuice cooperates with master Ou Yang Yin, the best organic diet therapist in Asia who has more than 30 years of experiences in this field to promote Customized Body Constitution (CBC) diet therapy. Together we have designed and developed a series of natural fruit and vegetable juices for healthcare and intermittent fasting diet purposes. Our juices contain natural ingredients, which help to eliminate toxins and provide energy to the body and soul. These juices are specially designed for all of us who live in a fast paced life. By enabling us to obtain nutrients in a simple, fast and effective way.
We, ourselves are the best doctor! The best medicine is food! The best clinic is our kitchen. Drink it right and live it up with DrJuice, for our health!


Help everyone to stay healthy and happy consistently!


Back to nature, Promote Customized Body Constitution Diet Therapy! happy consistently!


Let us protect your health! Choose your right drinks! Health will be yours! happy consistently!

The Five Core Values of DrJuice

DrJuice invites master Ou Yang Yin, the best organic diet therapist in Asia as the guidance counsellor, who is reponsible in designing, supervising and developing recipes for CBC diet therapy. With more than 30 years of experiencein diet therapy, he will guide us towards a healthier path through the simplest recipes.

DrJuice is recognised and recommended by the America Academy of Natural Medicine (AANM) for its effort in promoting CBC diet therapy. DrJuice was invited to establish a diet therapy research center in order to promote diet therapy and benefit more people.
Master Ou Yang Yin has over 30 years of authoritative reputation in the diet therapy, while the management term has more than 15 years of experiences in promoting healthcare education. The cooperation of the two will definitely make DrJuice a credible and reliable brand for you.
Humans have different types of body constitution, whereas foods also have different properties. Each DrJuice’s product is customized to meet the needs of people with different body constitution (cold, heat or neutral). Due to such customization, the products are rendered to be more effective.
With the objective of “detoxification, healthcare and illness prevention”, DrJuice uses natural or organic ingredients to produce cold-pressed vege-fruit juices , which are customized for different types of body constitution. DrJuice supplies the body with antioxidants, prevents free radicals, strengthens the body and keeps the illness at bay!
DrJuice Customized Body Constitution Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice stress on being “fresh, pure, customized, effective”. Only fresh and natural ingredients are chosen. These ingredients will then go through ozone sterilization detoxifying treatment. The juice is obtained via the cold-pressed method. As for the soups, they are prepared with clinically validated antioxidant water.

Master's Recipes

All the recipes of DrJuice Customized Body Constitution Cold Pressed Vege-Fruits Juice are designed by master Ou Yang Yin, who has more than 30 years of experience in diet therapy. This will certainly enable the consumers to regain their health by enjoying these juices in an easy way.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Over 70% of the ingredients of DrJuice are Malaysian local farm produce. We select only natural or organic fruits and vegetables, which are toxin-free. These ingredients then go through ozone sterilization detoxifying treatment to ensure they are safe to be consumed.

Processed and delivered under low-temperature treatment

DrJuice is produced under ozone sterilization treatment to reduce the possibility of oxidization and growth of bacteria. The juices are produced in a low temperature environment throughout the whole process including peeling, juice extract, bottling and delivering.

Multi-tiered cleansing process: Ozone sterilization detoxifying treatment

1st step: wash with soft brush to remove dirt from the surface of fruits and vegetables.
2nd step: soak and rinse under running water for 10 minutes.
3rd step: rinse with filtered water and ozone cleaner for sterilization.

Environmental friendly stainless steel lid and glass bottle

To ensure the standardization of quality and environmental protection purpose, we select a unique type of glass bottle with stainless steel cover. Every bottle is cleaned with ozone cleaner. They are reusable and can be recylced at any environmental resource center.

Our Spokeperson

Ou Yang Yin

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