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DrJuice belongs to the green industry developed by a group of specialists and intellectuals that shares common aspiration, philosophy and mission. It founded for the intention of advocating the natural way of living by promoting diet therapy for different body constitutions, thus assisting people with their health and in attaining the happiness that follows. DrJuice was established in January 2016.It is everyone’s right to have a healthy body. . However, not everyone is able to master the key to a healthy lifestyle. None of us wish to see ourselves, friends and family members suffering from illness. As the quote goes, “The best doctor is ourself.” In fact, we always tend to seek advice from other doctors whenever we fall ill. This irony occurs because we have yet to attain the proper knowledge of healthcare and apply this knowledge in our daily life in order to be the best doctor for ourself.

As the saying goes, “we are what we eat”. By consuming food that is not good for the body will make us ill. On the contrary, we believe that eating the right food can help the body to recover. As such, DrJuice cooperates with master Ou Yang Yin, the best organic diet therapist in Asia who has more than 30 years of experiences in this field to promote Customized Body Constitution (CBC) diet therapy. Together we have designed and developed a series of natural fruit and vegetable juices for healthcare and intermittent fasting diet purposes. Our juices contain natural ingredients, which help to eliminate toxins and provide energy to the body and soul. These juices are specially designed for all of us who live in a fast paced life. By enabling us to obtain nutrients in a simple, fast and effective way.

We, ourselves are the best doctor! The best medicine is food! The best clinic is our kitchen. Drink it right and live it up with DrJuice, for our health!

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