All Due To Toxins

All Illnesses Have Its Cause, All Due To Toxins

Just give a thought – A tree has how many leafs? Definitely a lot and it is uncountable. No matter how many leaves, the leaves are from the same tree trunk. Similarly, a person can get many illnesses. However, all kind of illnesses normally derive from one primary source. That is, “all illnesses have its causes, all due to toxins”.

The Chinese natural medical believes: Rotten wood brings the worms. Similarly, when positive Chi is weak, the devil will intrude easily. Nowadays, those epidemics and various kinds of prolonged complex illnesses are actually due to excessive accumulation of toxins in the body. This has resulted in blood clot, inflammation, leading to sickness exposures. The interactions among various diseases and the toxins found in our body cause the illness. This is the main reasons of new epidemics that cause various illnesses.

Generally, whenever we fall sick, we go for an injection and take medicine. Normally, this will only control the symptom and do not cure the illness. The father of medicine, Hippocrates said, “You are your own doctor”. The accumulation of toxins in our body resulted in the loss of our natural healing ability, thus lose the ability to be your own doctor. In today’s environment, we have ample of delicious food and we are exposed to toxics. In order to have a balance diet, we need to have a proper way to defuse the toxic in our body and detox is the primary job to be done for a good health.

We recommend to you DrJuice CBC (Customized Body Constitution) Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice for light fasting to detox. Whether it is one day, once a week or three days a month or seven days a year, this is absolutely the simple, convenient, fast and effective method to meet the life style of our time!

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