Benefits of Fasting

The objective of fasting allows our digestive system to rest, to burn off the excessive nutrients completely and at the same time to clean our colon. On top of those, obesity and constipation can be improved. This kind of wholesome body cleansing is a quick and effective method to enhance overall body health. A lot of unexplainable pain, itchiness, and swelling will go away by themselves!

Benefits of Light Fasting with “DrJuice CBC (Customized Body Constitution) Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice”:

  1. Fasting is good for body cleansing and vitality
  2. Spiritual purifcation
  3. Improve sleep quality
  4. Distress
  5. Improve memory and increase working efficiency
  6. Reduce weight or gain weight
  7. Boost immune system
  8. Rejuvenate skin, reduce pimples, black spots and freckles
  9. Allow our body to take a break and self-repairing
  10. Revive youth and energy, slow down aging
  11. Promote young appearance
  12. Improve sex life quality
  13. Stay away from chronic illnesses
  14. Improve taste bud sensitivity / Prefer nature than oily food
  15. Rejuvenate skin
  16. Stay healthy, be positive and enjoy life!