Body Constitution Check List

Please fill according to the severity of the matching symptoms. Leave blank for non-relevant symptoms

** Note: if the item does not conform to the table, then skip the item, do not fill in any scores.

Heaty Indicators Severe
(Score: 3)
(Score: 2)
(Score: 1)
(Score: 0)
Frequent thirst and dry lips
Frequent constipation
Often feel heat on the head, hot flashes
Often heaty and has inflammation
Dislike hot drinks, prefer cold drinks
Bad temper, restlessness
Less urine, yellowish
Early menstrual cycle
Higher body temperature than others, sweat easily
Afraid of hotness
Thick layer of yellowish moss on tongue
Gland hyperactivity, high metabolism, hunger easily
Pimples easily grown on the face and body
Visible blood vessels covering eye balls
Excited or nervous easily, accelerated heart beat
Smelly sweat and odour body
Smelly vagina discharge

Cold Indicators Severe
(Score: 3)
(Score: 2)
(Score: 1)
(Score: 0)
Cold limb
Anaemia, looks pale
Frequent diarrhea or loose type stools
Plenty of urine and colourless
Frequently flu, weak immune system
Dislike cold drink, prefer hot drinks
Slow recovery after sickness
Delay in menstrual cycle
Low blood pressure
Frequent giddy
Pale tongue
Not thirsty easily, dislike drinking water
Always sleepy
Weak knee and back pain
Low pulse rate
Pale and dim face
Impair digestion system, indigestion

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Drjuice RITALIFE 轻断食冷压蔬果汁加合印加果油的养生配套,让您达到逆龄、长寿、养生的目的及效果。


1. 21瓶(每瓶 200ml)特调冷压蔬果汁


2. 21包有機冷壓印加果汁+沙棘油(每包 10ml)


印加油加上沙棘油,富含Omega 3、6、7、9. 并具有下列效果:

  • 改善鼻子敏感问题
  • 降三高(高血压、高血糖和高胆固醇)
  • 提升免疫力
  • 预防与辅助缓解关节炎
  • 提高生育能力
  • 预防骨质疏松症
  • 预防便秘和肠胃综合症
  • 促进皮肤健康
  • 减缓视力退化
  • 预防癌症
  • 减缓更年期与经前综合症
  • 预防肾脏与糖尿病
  • 促进婴儿脑部发育,增强记忆力和专注力
  • 促进新陈代谢,燃烧脂肪


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