Q & A Categories

Purchase: +

  1. Online purchase operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice does not use any preservative nor additive, therefore, to ensure the juice freshness and quality, please finish up the juices by your detoxification program day.
  3. Please place your order at least 3 working days before your fasting program schedule. For example, if you plan to start your fasting at Sunday, then please place order before 2pm Thursday. We will deliver the related package at Saturday to your door step or your pre-selected destination. (The same of at least 3 days delivery guideline applies to outbound of Klang Valley. For example, if you plan to fasting at Thursday, please place order before 2pm Monday, we will deliver the juices to your door step at Wednesday).
  4. To ensure the juices quality, DrJuice is very stringent in sourcing the ingredients. Therefore, currently we limit a max of 50 sets daily, base on first come first serve priority while stock last.

Changes or cancellation of purchase order: +

  1. Once the purchase order is confirmed, we are not able to make any refund.
  2. As every bottle of our juices are freshly prepared, including materials purchase and cleaning process by confirmed order, once purchase order confirmed, we are not able to accept any change to the order.
  3. Unless under special circumstances where there is a need to change the delivery schedule or destination, please make the changes online at least 2 working days (exclude Sunday or public holidays) before the original fasting schedule. Each purchase order is only entitled for one amendment. (Please ensure that the new schedule is at least 2 working days away.) Any subsequent change will be charged for RM30 as admin fee.

Delivery and distribution schedule: +

At the shopping cart calendar, select your fasting date, the package will be delivered one day before this pre-selected date. (Juice will only be prepared, packed and shipped out just a day before your receiving date).

The shortest order cycle is order placed today, processed tomorrow and customer will receive by day after tomorrow. (No delivery at our off days, Monday and Sunday). As the starter of fasting program is having a hot soup after wake up, please select the delivery date a day before your fasting schedule.

Reminder: Please ensure a recipient is be there for pick up and keep proper in the refrigerator.

There are 2 delivery schedules: +

  • 9am-3pm(Out or Klang Valley)
  • 3pm-9pm(Klang Valley)

Delivery Time: +

  1. We will follow your order information and deliver to your specify destination.
  2. Our delivery man will contact you before delivery to confirm the estimated arrival time so that you can make the necessary arrangement.
  3. If you have any inquiry regarding the delivery, please contact us at +6016-3900922 or email to service@drjuice2u.com for details.

Attentions: +

  1. There shall be a recipient be there for pick up and keep in the refrigerator.
  2. Date of expiration: The cold pressed vegetable fruits juice will be delivered at your pre-elected date. Upon arrival, it can last for up to 2 days only. Please finish up by next day as to enjoy its freshness.
  3. Delivery handling for 3 or more consecutive days set order: The cold pressed vegetable fruits juice will be delivered at your pre-selected date. If you order 3 days set, we will deliver at your pre-selected dates, in 2 tranches (a day before fasting day and the following day). However, full payment must be made upon purchase.
  4. Please check your packages when received and store them at refrigerator. Please do not consume if there is oxidised, damaged packaging. Please contact us within the same day, take a photo of the damages and email to service@drjuice2u.com.
  5. Photographs are for reference only, the actual products received may vary from the photos.