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Q & A about the Purchase

  1. Why does DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice more expensive than other similar vegetable juice?+

    Definitely not because we have higher profits! Cold pressed vegetable fruits juice only extract the essence of the nutrients from vegetables and fruits. DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-fruit Juice process is tedious and cumbersome. It goes through customize body constitution, stringent fresh vegetables and fruits sourcing, no sugar, no water, no additive nor add-on and no high temperature heating process. The entire process is time consuming and high attention needed. Starting from sourcing, rinsing, extraction, bottling until delivery, the whole process is controlled under low temperature clean environment, just aim to preserve the natural nutrients of the vegetable and fruits juice, ensuring 100% best choice for health! It is a good choice to spend a bit more for better health today than to spend on medication tomorrows!
  2. Isn’t it better to take the vegetable and fruits directly?+

    The absorption of nutrients from a vegetable fruits juice is 3 times more from the chewing of normal vegetable or fruits! There are a lot of efforts required, start from sourcing the best vegetable and fruits, freshly preparing for every meal, finding the appropriate combinations in terms of colour and nutrients, calculating the right amount of intakes, washing time, slicing time, until aftermath. If you have the bandwidth to do all of these, then it is worthy to take the vegetables and fruits directly!
  3. Instead of doing the CBC fasting detoxification through DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice, why don’t I do it with my own preparation as this is more economical?+

    Generally, the home slow juicer motor is much weaker than the commercial grade Cold Pressed machines. The food residues from our professional cold pressed machines are very dried up, whereas the food residues from the slow juicer still juicy. Yet, sometimes from saving perspective, it is hard to decide whether to finish up the juicy but tasteless residues, or just dump them. Each DrJuice CBC fasting package uses 10’s of ingredients, to ensure a balance between taste and nutrients. It is quite troublesome for homemade as 10 to 20 types of ingredients are required, moreover, a lot of ingredients may be wasted. Even if you willing to spend big bucks for the professional cold pressed machine, don’t forget about the preparation of the ingredients and the aftermath cleanings, this is not worthy.
  4. Any water, sugar or additives added to DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice?+

    DrJuice insists on natural taste. There is no additional add-ons (water, sugar nor additive), every single drop is 100% purity. Every set of the cold pressed CBC fasting juice is extracted from 3-4 kgs of vegetables and fruits, to preserve the natural micro nutrients of the vegetables and fruits. This is a whole new approach for nutrients absorption and healthy lifestyles.
  5. How long can the DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruis Juice last? What is the best storage way?+

    To ensure the quality, the cold pressed juices are delivered by using cold storage. Once received, please keep them in the refrigerator as soon as possible, at below 4 degrees environment to preserve the freshness and nutrients. Once taken out from the refrigerator, please finish up within 10 minutes. DrJuice insists on natural flavour without any preservative, do finish up within 2 days upon receiving.
  6. How about the delivery arrangement for order more than 3 or more days package?+

    DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice will be delivered at your pre-selected date. If your order is 3 days or 5 days package, we will deliver according to your pre-selected dates in 2 tranches. If it is a 7 days set, it will be delivered in 3 tranches.
  7. Is it normal to have the disintegration appearance for the vegetable fruits juice?+

    If you see the disintegration appearance of the ingredients, please don’t be panic as this is absolutely normal. As the there is no water nor preservative added to the juice, the heavier ingredients tend to split from the lighter ones. Do shake a little bit before drinking, the nutrients and enzymes are still preserved. Of course, due to different formula, not all vegetable fruits juice have such issues.
  8. What can I do with the empty DrJuice bottles? Are they recyclable?+

    DrJuice uses high quality glass and stainless steel bottle cap. It can be reused for any liquid or powder form of contents. Of course, you can also send to our designated collection centre for recycling, with RM0.50 rebate per bottle.