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What is Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice?

Typically, we make juices in blender or juicer extractor, the blade in the blender will produce heat throughout the blending process, and water will be added to the juice. Enzymes in the fruits and vegetables will be destroyed and nutrients lot in oxidation. That’s why most juices can only fresh for 15 minutes before it turns black. However, cold pressed machine extracts juices using high pressure method without producing heat. All vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, active enzymes and natural antibiotic in fruits and vegetables are well-preserved effectively. The value of nutrient is 3 to 5 timers higher than ordinary juices.

ln stead of doing the CBC fasting detoxification through DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice, why don’t I do it with my own preparation as this is more economical?

Generally, the home slow juicer motor is much weaker than the commercial grade Cold Pressed machines. The food residues from our professional cold pressed machines are very dried up, whereas the food residues from the slow juicer still juicy. Yet, sometimes from saving perspective, it is hard to decide whether to finish up the juicy but tasteless residues, or just dump them. Each DrJuice CBC fasting package uses 10’s of ingredients, to ensure a balance between taste and nutrients. It is quite troublesome for homemade as 10 to 20 types of ingredients are required, moreover, a lot of ingredients may be wasted. Even if you willing to spend big bucks for the professional cold pressed machine, don’t forget about the preparation of the ingredients and the aftermath cleanings, this is not worthy.

Isn’t it better to take the vegetable and fruits directly?

The absorption of nutrients from a vegetable fruits juice is 3 times more from the chewing of normal vegetable or fruits! There are a lot of efforts required, start from sourcing the best vegetable and fruits, freshly preparing for every meal, finding the appropriate combinations in terms of colour and nutrients, calculating the right amount of intakes, washing time, slicing time, until aftermath. If you have the bandwidth to do all of these, then it is worthy to take the vegetables and fruits directly!

Any water, sugar or additives added to DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice?

DrJuice insists on natural taste. There is no additional add-ons (water, sugar nor additive), every single drop is 100% purity. Every set of the cold pressed CBC fasting juice is extracted from 3-4 Kgs of vegetables and fruits, to preserve the natural micro nutrients of the vegetables and fruits. This is a whole new approach for nutrients absorption and healthy lifestyles.

How long can the DrJuice be lasted? What is the best storage way?

To ensure the quality, the cold pressed juices are delivered by using cold storage. Once received, please keep them in the refrigerator as soon as possible, at 4 degrees environment to preserve the freshness and nutrients. Once taken out from the refrigerator, please finish up within 10 minutes. DrJuice insists on natural flavour without any preservative, do finish up within 2 days upon receiving.

Can DrJuice be frozen in the fridge?

DrJuice can’t be kept frozen. This is because it use glass bottle. If the juice were to be kept frozen, there will be a breakage.

Can I consume DrJuice even if I do not fast?

Yes you can! Consume cold pressed juice as supplement beside normal meals is strongly recommended by DrJuice‘s experts. We tend to have insufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in our daily meals, while DrJuice overcome this problem and ensuring a balance diet in our daily life.

Will the skin improve by taking vegetable fruits juice?

By taking the DrJuice (the Beauty & Slimming Series), it has excellent effect in activating the human skin cells, making the skin more radiant and more vitality.

Food Reduction Stage

Is it advisable to having DrJuice Fasting during menstrual cycle?

No. Please do it after the menstrual cycle.

Is it sufficient to do only one time fasting?

For a healthy person, fasting is to maintain health, doing it for 7 days every year is the best; for a person who is not so healthy, once a year is insufficient. In conclusion, it depends on the situation and the individual needs or conditions.

What is the suitable time to carry out fasting?

Those with fasting experience can do it weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly with DrJuice fasting method. If you normally consume more meat or food with seasoning or additives ingredients, we suggest you do it once a week with the DrJuice Fasting. We believe your body and colon will be grateful to you. Most people would prefer to do it around these times:

  • After a heavy meal
  • Before or after a vacation
  • Before or after festivals such as New Year, dumpling, moon cake festivals
  • After an alumni gathering
  • Few times over a few months before wedding photos session, to ensure a beautiful lifetime memorable photos
  • Few months before wedding
  • Before arrival of summer
  • Before conceiving baby to ensure a clean conceiving space, mainly benefiting the body and brain development of the baby
  • After child delivery and discontinue with breast feeding

It is highly recommended for the ladies to have a habit of fasting and consume vegetable as main food intake. Many celebrities adopt this approach diligently; that is why they maintain the radiant skin and nice body shape; for the men, will have a healthy body and full of energy!

Will DrJuice Fasting induce protein deficiency?

The problem with people nowadays is excessive protein intakes. Excessive protein will be stored at liver, resulting in body acidity. During Fasting, the stored excessive protein will be released. Our fasting approach has taken care of this protein deficiency concern.

Can pregnancy or breast feeding undergo DrJuice Fasting?

It is not suitable. But DrJuice Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice can be taken as supplement or as dessert.

Can my children go on DrJuice fasting with me?

DrJuice fasting is not suitable for growing up children. Children can take DrJuice cold pressed Vege-Fruits Juice as supplement to the main meal or taking nutritious vegetable fruit juice as substitute of tit bits or desserts. This will allow the children to have a liking of the taste of vegetables and fruits, at the same time getting into the habit of not taking junk food. If you are not sure whether you are suitable to go on DrJuice fasting without solid food for the whole day, it is better to consult your doctor or nutritionist. You may also take the vegetable fruit juice to replace your meal, for example, replacing 1 or 2 meals of the day.

Will a person feel hungry in the middle of DrJuice Fasting? Is it allowed to take foods?

If you are well prepared by reducing your food intake with mindset readiness, generally you will not feel hungry. By taking 8 bottles of hot soup and vege-fruit juice with almost 2 hours interval daily, the basic nutrient supports are sufficient. Anyway, if hunger persists, please take more water.

What are the consequences if food intake reduction stage is not done properly?

For 1st timer, DrJuice Fasting is challenging. One should be well prepared mentally and physically to compromise the changes. As such, it is necessary to start with food intake reduction properly, else may incur uncomfortable reaction such as fear and hunger, thus affecting the results.

Is DrJuice fasting suitable for a skinny person?

Because a skinny person does not have sufficient fats in the body, plain water fasting is not suitable, but should be alright to go on vege-fruits juice fasting; each session 3 to 7 days, depending on individual condition. If some one Body Mass Index (BMI) below 15 are not recommended. BMI = Body Weight(kg) ÷ Height 2 (m 2 )

Can a person with gastric go on fasting? Because a gastric patient requires to eat on time, if not it is very torturing. In this case, is there a danger as there is no food intake during the fasting period?

Gastric pain is normally due to high secretion of acid in the stomach, especially when the stomach is empty. High secretion of acid is mainly due to consumption of high protein food, especially animal protein. During fasting, there is no intake of protein, thus, there is no worry of gastric pain.

Is fasting able to effectively cure any type of sickness?

Can be deemed as positive. Our body has a natural healing ability to maintain our health. In this current environment, everywhere is full of toxins; whatever we eat, drink and breathe are toxificated. When our body is polluted by these toxins, our natural body immune ability is weakened, which will be followed by sickness. Fasting is able to excrete the toxins in the body and also cleanse our souls. When our natural immune ability is heightened, illness will be further away from us. Thus, fasting has its effectiveness on any chronic illness.

To have an effective result, how many days of fasting are required?

It depends on the individual condition. For people who are on the plump side, doing for 7 to 14 days should not have any issue. For a skinny person, we recommend 3 to 5 days fasting. This is because a plump person has the fats. In addition, a scheduled periodical fasting such as once a week continuously for more than a month would have an obvious result.

DrJuice fasting can shed off how much body weight?

It really differs from individuals. At the beginning, 1 to 2 kg a day; later, it could reduce half to 1 kg a day.

Who are not suitable to do DrJuice fasting?

DrJuice Fasting is not recommended for the following persons:

  • Those who are pessimistic about DrJuice Fasting
  • Those who have doubt or fear of DrJuice Fasting
  • Those whose weight is below 25% of their standard weight
  • Those who have critical illness and weak body
  • Children below 12 years old
  • Pregnant women

Must someone be having flare phenomenon during the fasting period? Why?

When someone is fasting, the body of his/ her undergoes changes. That’s the function of DrJuice’s cold-compressed vege-fruit juice which promotes metabolism rate, improve digestion system that helps to expel waste products from body during bowel movements. Normally, you would pass more gases, get more sweats or urination and have dark urine; this proves that your body is doing the cleansing, it’s a good phenomenon. At the same time, some people (less likely) would have pimples, face flushing, eczema, hunger sensation and bloat; this phenomenon is known as flare phenomenon. Normally, flare phenomenon wouldn’t last long and it can disappear completely. During the fasting period, not everyone would have flare phenomenon. * For people who are the first time with DrJuice fasting, their stomach would digest it faster so they would feel hungry since their stomach hasn’t adapted to such condition. It could be reduced by drinking more warm water. During the first or second day of fasting period, you might feel hungry especially those who are not well-prepared on stage of food reduction. However, no matter what happens, solid food is strictly prohibited during the fasting period, the result might not be desirable or it would have some unwanted troubles if you eat. Starting from the second or third day of fasting period, you wouldn’t feel hungry, your emotion is stable and you stay clear and conscious. Your five senses improve gradually, your weight starts to drop and you look lively and good. However, it depends on one’s body and emotion, these symptoms might occur as follows:

  • coated tongue
  • dark and stinky accumulated intestinal waste
  • bad breath, thick sticky saliva
  • tired, unlively
  • abdominal pain or bloat
  • body temperature drops, feeling cold, feeling hot
  • heart beat rate increases
  • menstrual pain
  • dark and stinky urine
  • get dizzy easily, nausea
  • dry and chapped lips
  • itchy or furuncle/ boil
  • limbs ache
  • headache or vomit/ puke
  • tinnitus, which causes poor hearing
  • vaginal discharge increases or abnormal menstruation or advanced menstruation

The phenomena mentioned above might last a few days or longer, yet it depends on one’s condition. However, these phenomena are normal because these are the effects of toxic cleansing process. No matter how long it lasts, please be patient, it will be over eventually. After going through these, the good moments are awaiting.

Fasting Stage

During fasting period, how would we know whether the burning of fats in dissolving glycogen is taking place in our body?

When the body is lack of food, there will be so call a crisis inside the body, glycogen sugar will be burnt, then the fats, during the process there would not be any odd feeling. If ever there is a feeling, it should be the hungry feeling, feeling cold and may shiver, but it will pass by swiftly and most of the time there is no feeling.

Is it OK to exercise during fasting?

Yes. Adequate exercise will help to increase blood circulation and metabolism, bowel movement, accelerate sweating, urinating and waste excretion.

Can a person continue with medicine during fasting?

During fasting, it is not advisable to take any medicine, unless one has special sickness. Please get a proper advice from your consultant.

Is it normal for no stools during fasting?

This is normal, because there is no food intake. Our experience, there was member who had no stools for a 7-day DrJuice Fasting and he felt energetic. Some people believe this is abnormal, in fact, there is nothing to worry about.

Do I have to follow the exact time on the schedule that has stated on the bottle cap?

Not really. It depends on the time you wake up. You just have to follow the sequence from 1st bottle to 8th bottle on the bottle cap. It’s recommended that you drink each bottle with an interval of 2-3 hours.

Can I have other beverages during the fasting period?

During the fasting period, you are discouraged from having the beverages other than DrJuice. If you feel thirsty or dehydrated, then you may drink more warm water.

Do I have to finish 8 bottles of DrJuice during the fasting period?

Not really. If 8 bottles are too much for you, you may cut down the number by one. During the pre-phase of fasting period, most of the people would need a lot of water to promote the process of toxic cleansing in their body. When it reaches the post-phase of fasting period, you might feel that you don’t want to have so much of vege-fruit juice as you might have a bloat after drinking too much of vege-fruit juice. This is normal due to long hours of fasting period. Based on your body condition, you may cut down the number by 1 to 2 bottles and share the extra bottle/s with your family members or friends.

What happens if the menstruation comes during the fasting period? (For females only)

If the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are severe, it’s recommended that you should stop fasting and break fast according to the suggest procedure. If PMS is absent or the symptoms of PMS are light during the normal period, you may choose to continue fasting. However, it’s recommended that you should have half to 1 glass of ginger tea with brown sugar after having each bottle of DrJuice. Recipe of Ginger tea with brown sugar: Ingredient: Ginger 15g, brown sugar 15g. Instruction: Clean and cut the ginger into slices. Boil both ginger and brown sugar in 600cc of water. Boil for another 20 minutes after the water is boiled. Serve it hot after filtering.

How do I stop having medication during the fasting period?

If you are having long-term medication, you may consult doctor or guider about the medication whether it can be stopped during the fasting period before you start fasting. For those who have long-term medication, it’s recommended not to stop immediately but to reduce or to stop the dosage of medication gradually. It’s recommended that you should start reducing the dosage of medication during the food reduction stage, stop having medication during the fasting stage and finally adjust the dosage of medication according to your body condition when you break fast. During the period when you reduce the dosage and stop taking medication, you must check and observe your body reaction every day. If you were to find out that the reading or your body reaction is abnormal (e.g. after a patient of high blood pressure reduces the dosage, headache occurs), you should get back to the dosage that you normally have.

Do I have to finish DrJuice’s vege-fruit juice immediately after I take it out from the fridge?

It’s better to finish DrJuice’s vege-fruit juice within half an hour after opening. For those who are sensitive to coldness, coughing and dislike cold drinks, you may take it out from the fridge an hour earlier before drinking it. Before taking DrJuice’s vege-fruit juice, it’s recommended that you should drink half glass of warm water or ginger tea.

What can I do if I feel too hungry during the fasting period?

During initial stage of fasting, your body might not be able to adapt to the current fasting condition and you might feel hungry. You can always drink more warm water, or have more vege-fruit juice that contains no fibre. For those who have longer fasting period (14 days or above), if you feel hungry during the post-phase of fasting period, that might be a warning. If you feel hungry, powerless, heart beat rate gets faster and shivering, you must stop fasting and start break fast. This could be due to your body has used up all the “fuels” (body fats) that sustain your daily activities; if you still carry on, your life might be threatened.

Break Fast Stage

What are the consequences if there is no proper preparation to revert back to normal meals?

In the event the preparation work is not properly done, it will be a failure. The stomach and colon will be most affected (especially for above 3 days’ fasting). For example, if you go through a 7 day fasting, and immediately go for heavy meals on the 8th day, the stomach and colon would not be able to take it. This is because during the 7 days, your stomach and colon were in a resting condition, they are not able to adjust so quickly to resume into the usual mode. As such, it is important to have a proper transition to resume to normal meals. Taking care of oneself is like looking after a baby.

Must I follow the diet plan suggested by DrJuice after fasting?

Not really, as long as you follow the principle of break fast that we suggest. Main guideline when you having break fast:

  • The portion size of diet: from small to big, 30 percent full -> 50 percent full (half full) -> 70 percent full
  • Types of food: from tender to solid, liquid form -> half-liquid form -> half-solid form -> solid form

When can I have another fasting after having one?

If you are to have a 3-day or less of fasting period, you may have another fasting after a week. If you are to have a 3-day or more of fasting period, it’s recommended that you should have another after at least a month intervals.

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