What is Fasting

What is the DrJuice Fasting?

Fasting is a fluid based intake process that allows our digestive system to rest and triggers the utilization of the digestion reserved energy to initiate a self-detoxification, thus to achieve an overall healthy state for our mind body and soul.

Another quote from the ancient Greek historian, Haroldotus, “The source of health and youthfulness of the Egpytian comes from frequent fasting or via colon cleansing or vomiting to clean up the stomach and intestines.”

The famous Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, also known as the originator of Pythagorean theorem, believed that “fasting brings clear mind”. Therefore, he had frequent long duration fasting.

"There is no ailment, sickness, or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively than it will after the administration of a series of colon irrigations."

This implies, “contaminated blood is the source of all illness, and the contamination is resulted from self-toxification induced by excessive stools through improper intake or overeating.” Fasting is the best way to cleanse the contaminated blood.

Our body uses about 40% of our energy for digestion. However, fasting allows transformation of such energy to remove the built-up toxin and also takes the opportunity to purge aging cells and to repair the unhealthy cells, eventually for the body to restore self-healing ability and to get away from sickness.

When come to fasting terminology, we tend to feel reluctant and objection, given a thought of skipping maximum 2 meals are still acceptable, but unbearable of 3 to 5 days. This is because we would relate fasting to malnutrition, lack of energy, less strength, or even death. As such, we try to avoid fasting as much as possible. Actually, there is a misconception between fasting and hunger.

Ever notice that animals, eg. dogs, cats, chickens, cows or horses also can fall sick? How do they recover when sick? It is through fasting! Or stop eating. After few days, they recover. This is so called the self-healing instinct from animals.

Ever realize that usually after meals, we feel drowsiness, inactive, less alertness, and laziness, this is because partial energy has been spared for digestion.

However, during fasting, scenarios above do not exist. This is because of the energy reserved for digestion has been directed to focus at excretion and self-detoxification. At the same time, to be more effective, we shall exercise moderately, as to increase blood circulation and metabolism to remove toxins via sweating, urine and stools; whereas perform deep breathing to revitalize our body.

Human body is interesting. Throughout the fasting, our body is experiencing low energy due to no intake. However, this will trigger the body to activate storage mechanism to overcome such precarious situation.

First and foremost, reserved glycogen will be released as energy source, follow by fats and proteins.

Generally, we do not feel hungry throughout the release of glycogen and fat burning process. Indeed, we feel more alertness and more freshness. However, those with excessive toxins accumulated at their body, may trigger toxemia and feel discomfort. This is due to 2 root causes:

1. During fasting, our body acts like an incinerator. The fat burning process will cause the accumulated toxins release from fat storage into blood stream, hence toxify and acidify the blood. This raises the discomfort or even may result in coma or faint. However, this is a short term phenomenon. Subject to under professional supervision, once the toxins excreted, our body will go into a complete renewal and rejuvenation. Just like plum blossom after winter.

2. Assume our body was a car, relatively protein was the gasoline. Yet, it is the worst grade of gasoline. The trend for the car to break down is unavoidable. Our body has the same symptom where carbohydrates and fats are the best gasoline, protein as the last option as replacement, only under emergency situation. Do take note that the protein burning process will produce plenty of ketoacids and contaminate the blood, resulted in toxemia. In certain extreme cases, this may cause death or coma. Therefore, fasting must be carried out cautiously with proper guidance.

Actually, it is very easy and safe to have a fasting with DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice for almost everyone! Basically, daily dietaries are replaced with DrJuice, from one day up to several days. The enriched nutrients within the vegetable fruit juices are sufficient for daily activities. By consuming these juices, toxins and wastes within our body can be excreted effectively. This will benefit sub-health groups. At the same time, ordinary intake habit will turn to pursuing fresh food instead.

DrJuice~ Let each cell live!

All the recipes of DrJuice Customized Body Constitution Cold Pressed Vege-Fruits Juice are designed by master Ou Yang Yin, who has more than 30 years of experience in diet therapy. This will certainly enable the consumers to regain their health by enjoying these juices in an easy way.

Fasting is Good for Health

There is an English saying: “The lesser you eat, the smarter you are.” The following inscription was engraved on the 6,000 years old Pyramid:

“Man Lives On 1/4 of What He Eats, The Other ¾ Lives his Doctor”. It means, “Only 1/4 of our eating feed the survival needs whereas the remaining ¾ feed the Doctors.” This explains exactly when one is overeating, it will lead to sickness, as a result providing a livelihood to the doctors.

The father of Medicine, Hippocrates advocated, “Eating without control is destructive to body. If one thinks a sick person should eat more to boost the body, instead a disease is being nurtured.”

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