Who Needs Fasting

Who needs DrJuice Fasting detox?

“The health of colon should not be neglected, because it is the primary cause of illness and pain, it is also the main reasons affecting the body system and health. If the colon cannot be effectively cleansed to eliminate the waste and toxin, these waste and toxin in the colon would result in unusual acid and decay. Neglecting the accumulation of these waste and toxins in the body would ultimately result in various illnesses, and even death.”

Dr.Norman Walker

Under the current modern living environment, the vegetable and fruits are full of pesticide leftover, polluted air from the motor vehicles, processed food with additives and preservatives, water with chlorine …… all kind of external pollution, in addition to the busy commercial industrial society, the inconsistent excretion from the body attribute to the long term accumulation of waste in our colon, the stress and uncontrolled mood at the work place causes the negative pressure to our mind, this is the worst internal pollution! Such internal and external contamination is like a hidden time bomb, may explode anytime. Nobody knows! But it is for sure that the day it explodes is the day the major illness attack! Today, what we eat drink and breathe are all under the contaminated environment. Everyone needs a to do periodic cleansing, reconstruct the body constitution, recognise the correct way of eating and drinking, correct the daily meals diet content, to help the family members improve their illness resistance for the good of the family.

The following are the person who need “DrJuice CBC (Customized Body Constitution ) Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice” for detox immediately:

DrJuice fasting is to promote long and healthy life; resting is to reserve energy for better stamina! Let us make use of DrJuice CBC Cold Pressed Vege-Fruit Juice recuperation process, give our mind body and soul for better health and quality of life!

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