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Emotion and Stress Trigger the illness

“Once, there was a supervisor who has passed her annual breast check-up. 9 months later, a breast tumor detected and triggered her at 2nd check-up. She was shocked with the results as 2nd stage breast cancer! According to the specialists, it takes 5, 10 or even up to 15 years for the accumulated toxin to form a cancer. How did the 9 months build up for her 2nd stage cancer? It was found that ever since her Chief Editor promotion at last year, she has been under tremendous stress and lost her lifestyle rhythm ……….”

The Inner Health

The case above implies that emotion and stress are the trigger of illness.

Stress affects our health via Autonomic Nervous System and Endocrine System. When under stress, our body will reprioritize the resource distribution to various parts of organs, to focus its energy. Low cortisol (a hormone secreted by kidney) will induce volatile blood sugar level, tiredness and loss of energy. If stress prolong, excessive cortisol will induce instability of blood pressure, excessive gastric acid, muscle and joint pain, obesity that affecting fat distribution, poor memory, and suppress the immune system. A continuous 20-minute of cortisol secretion can suppress the immune system for up to 3 days!

In fact, most of the case studies show that the illnesses, especially the cancers, have been manifested through the suppressed emotional and unreleased stress from a series of major life events, even before medical diagnosis.

In summary, besides the trauma from natural disasters, most of the illness is related to emotions (happiness, anger, worry, anxiety, sadness, fear, fright). For example, you are happy when praised; you are angry when scolded or insulted, even blood pressure might be elevated, heart beat might be accelerated and trigger a heart attack. On top of these, those who have worries, anger and depression are mostly ended up with liver diseases like liver cancer or cirrhosis. As preached in the traditional Chinese medical study, anger is bad for liver. While emotion is a state of mind, although it is out of reach, it controls our health. In other words, our emotions influence our organs.

The emotions refer to happiness, anger, worry, anxiety, sadness, fear, fright. Based on the traditional Chinese medical philosophy:
Too much happiness upset the heart,
Too much anger upset the liver,
Too much worry upset the spleen,
Too much sadness upset the lung,
Too much fear upset the kidney,
Thus, we should minimize all of the above scenarios.

Most of the time, our imbalance emotions trigger sickness. Emotion is a virtual psychological state. Although it is out of reach, it always our health throughout entire life cycle, which means: our emotions influence our organs.

Therefore, everyone must be able to find a way out to release their emotions and stress! Of course, there are many ways, such as exercise, singing, strolling, massage, meditation, laughter and so on. The most important part is to re-attitude, learn to let go, forget about revenge and be calm. End of the day is to relax and be happy.

In order to assist you in releasing stress and improve your emotional quality, each package of DrJuice product come with one set of “happiness card” specially designed by Blue forest. By reading and applying the movational quotes on the card during fasting, you will feel happier and blessed.

Just remember: whether miserable or happiness, it is your will!

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